Senses Fail Release the First Single off Renacar (3/26/13)

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Music Videos, News
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Senses Fail released their new single and we were very surprised to hear much of the song is in Spanish. Not something you would expect from a Jersey based punk band….but hey, have to respect them for trying new things and pushing the limits.

In a recent Pure Volume interview frontman Buddy Nielson had this to say regarding the unusual bilingual jump: “We have always wanted to do a song in Spanish. Before the start of every recording process we talk about translating one of the songs, but we have never been able to execute it. We’re excited that it finally happened and we’re very proud of the results,” says vocalist Buddy Nielsen. “I was searching for a different type of screaming pattern for the song and decided to try to write a line or two in Spanish—just to see if it would spark an idea. I went line by line translating from English to Spanish—all the while making sure the rhyme scheme worked out and it actually made sense. It came together so well that I just rolled with it.”

Below is the translation of the Spanish lyrics, thought I would save you a going to google translate…

“My Love”

my love is stronger than demons
I used to frequent
no wonder my life
I see the sun
Now that I have my love

you are the ocean and you are the moon
I’ll follow you Until the waves come through
every day I’d die for you
the undertow will pull me back to you

you’re my bones
when I need strength to live
you are the fangs
Your teeth are
when I have to rip

my breath
Now is the fire
was once frozen

I am nothing
I am nothing without you

you are the moon
I am the wolf
I sing for you

sensesfail 2

You can find the single on iTunes now and the new album drops on March 26, 2013. Look for Senses Fail out on the road this spring on a Pure Volume sponsored tour with Such Gold, Real Friends, & Major League.


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