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Interview by: Kourtney Mei

Katastro recently headlined a show at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ and we were able to talk with Andrew Stravers (drums) and Andy Chaves (vocals) before the show while on their way to a photo shoot with IrieAZ. 

We talked about touring, life in Huntington Beach, CA and why so many songs are about girls. They were such cool guys and there was no shortage of fun and joking around, we got the vibe they all get along really well and have a blast on the road.

A very sexy photo shoot down at Tempe Town Lake. We think this is the next EP cover...

A very sexy photo shoot down at Tempe Town Lake. We think this is the next EP cover…

HBG: Hey Andrew, Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, I understand the band got started right here in Arizona, how did you guys all meet and how did the band come about?

Andrew: Me, Andy and Tanner all went to the same high school. We were just kind of friends and decided to start a band. We started jamming the summer before our senior year of High School and started playing shows and yeah, we’re still a band…somehow.

HBG: I understand you guys moved to Huntington Beach last year. What prompted the movie out to California, besides just wanting to live on the beach?

Andrew: Yeah, I don’t know, think we just wanted a change of events, something new. There’s a lot more shows in California and a lot of the bands we’re friends with and tour with live out there too. So it just seemed like a good idea.

HBG: So what’s an average week like for you guys, when you aren’t out on the road touring?

Andrew: Just hanging out at the apartment, we’re writing new songs right now. We eat food in microwaves, and top ramen. Yeah, we go to the beach and we’re excited for the summer, we go to the beach a lot.

HBG: Oh yeah, have you guys learned to surf yet?

Andrew: No not yet. I really, really want to, I skateboard. But none of us can say we know how to surf.

We really liked the shirt Andy was wearing. We learned the line sponsors some Katastro shows and you can check it out at

We really liked the shirt Andy was wearing. We learned the line sponsors some Katastro shows and you can check it out at

HBG: Yeah, that’s a must do living out there! Now what about touring, is there anything you have to bring when you’re on tour. Besides the guitars and amps?

Andrew: Hmmm, three things? I would say a toothbrush. Leave your dignity at home; you won’t need that at all, you’re going to be sleeping in the worst places ever. (laughs). At least 2 pairs of pants because weird stuff happens….You might poop your pants in the back of the van, hopefully not, but it’s happened before, not to me though.

HBG: Now how about while you’re traveling, do you guys all listen to the stereo or jam out on headphones?

Andrew: Well we used to have a CD player in our van, but that broke. So we just sit around on our own headphones and jam out on our phones or iPods. We all really like a lot of the same music so when we do have a chance to all listen we do that too.

HBG: So what bands are you listening to a lot right now?

Andrew: A lot of us have been listening to Alt J. I really like Portugal, The Man. They are one of my favorite bands and I am really excited to hear their new album. There’s a lot of good music coming out. I just watched Soundcity (DVD), which is one of the coolest documentaries I have seen in a long time. Dave Growl directed it and he’s going to be playing drums on the new Queen’s of the Stonehenge new album, so excited for that.

HBG: Yeah, how do you generally listen to music and how do you feel about Spotify?

Andrew: Spotify is cool but I fuckin hate all of those notification emails I get everyday!! No, Spotify is cool and I feel like a lot of people have heard of our band off of Spotify.

HBG: So we like Spotify just not all the notifications.

Andrew: But I don’t really use it much, I more buy records.

HBG: I noticed on the last EP there are a lot of songs about girls…

Andrew: Oh this is an Andy (vocalist) question.

Andy: Well you’re talking about Gentle Predator and that was written about two years ago. They aren’t really about a specific girl, it’s just really a story that maybe someone else can relate to.

HBG: And Andy, you write most of the lyrics?

Andy: Yeah, I write all the lyrics and melodies.

HBG: Cool. Well to wrap this up as we’re here at the photo shoot, what can we expect from Katasto in 2013?

Andy: We are writing a new EP. Then we will be back in Arizona on 4/20 for That Damn Show. It’s at Mesa Amphitheater and we’ve never played there but I have seen so many good bands there so think that will be cool.

We stuck around for the show that night and it was amazing; see photos and highlights from the show here. We want to thank the guys at Katastro and Gonzo Gonzales for arranging the interview…you rock!


Ryan,  Tanner, Andy and Andrew with the girls. We had so much fun interviewing these guys!!